United States Postal Service Facts

The USPS LiteBlue delivers more email than any country in the largest area in the world. There are about 156 million addressed financial 15, the services operate to throughout one. Each of the citizens and residents (such as migrants) have access into this USPS services equally.

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There are lots of facts concerning the USPS that lead to manage it better. Here are some facts That You Might love reading ; It triggered a look .

  • More than 200 federal laws protect your email, making that the USPS a very secure government support. As one of the earliest agencies in the nation, they’re tasked with the key job of exploring mail and protecting it.
  • The USPS has their very own crime drama called The Inspectors. It’s about their agency that investigates mail crimes. It airs Sunday evenings on CBS.
  • Public mailboxes weren’t always grim. In years past they had been many colours, including red, green, white, and others. They had been modified in 1971.
  • The USPS is a worldwide mailing assistance, processing and delivering 47% of the planet’s mail.
  • Though a government agency, the USPS maintains and also collaborates with private companies such as FedEx and UPS.
  • The sole cost effective way that they can deliver mail to the town of Supai, Arizona, deep from the Grand Canyon, is by mule.
  • For years, having links in high places was probably the only way to find a job in the U.S. Postal Service. Richard Nixon abandoned the practice, although many presidents could replace employees with party loyalists.
  • With 227,000 email carrier vehicles providing mail all around the country, the U.S. Postal Service has one of the largest civilian fleets in the world.
  • The very first stamp honoring an African American has been in 1940 using the image of Booker T. Washington.
  • Mail is an massive 1.4 billion dollar industry. With such high demand, the USPS employs 7.5 million people. They do have one.
  • Launched in 1815, the Hinsdale Post Office in New Hampshire is the oldest continually operating post office from the country.
  • For the Majority of the Nation’s history, the Postmaster General was consistent to the succession of the Presidency. The position has been removed in 1971 from the line of succession.
  • Back in 1895, they had a mascot: Owney the mail terrier. He traveled across the world on trains and steam boats, providing mail. He died under uncertain circumstances in 1897 of a bullet wound. His entire body and all his various medals (tags) were maintained and are on display in the National Postal Museum’s atrium.
  • The USPS didn’t have a feminine postmaster general before February 2015. Her name is Megan Brennan, and she started out as a mail company.
  • Before 1863, everybody needed to go to the post office to get email, but it was such a nuisance, Joseph Briggs started a free mail delivery service and it became a huge hit.
  • The most famous and valuable Hope Diamond (all 45.52 carats) was sent by the USPS to the Smithsonian. It cost $2.44 to send plus $142.85 for the insurance.
  • The Postmaster General is currently one of the highest paid police officers. Back in 2012 Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe made $512,093.
  • As you may believe Subway or McDonalds has the largest retail network, it is really the USPS. It is bigger than McDonalds, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart combined. Back in 1775, he was hired by the Second Continental Congress as their Postmaster General. His salary was $1,000.
  • Dog bites are a serious problem for mail carriers. Over 6,000 email carriers have been attacked by dogs each year. The USPS promotes National Dog Bite Awareness week April to teach the General Public on the issue.
  • George Washington is a face to wear the postage. In actuality, he’s been around more stamps than every other person in U.S. history.

    There are concerning the USPS solutions that we can continue going with daily. However, we hope that these facts have brought the insight as to how important the web services are in development and direction of their email services to you.

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