LiteBlue: PostalEase Serving Postal Employees

Liteblue PostalEASE is a phone program which provides you entry to the allotments. It is a 1 stop destination for all the employees of USPS to cater to their own relevant transactions. This facility may be obtained either via telephone or through the USPS employees portal, Liteblue. PostalEASE creates over 620,000 employees who work in USPS’s job simpler by giving them convenient and simple access.

PostalEASE provides a wide range of deposits characteristics which ranges from alterations in our paychecks , direct deposit deals, enrolment in various savings plans and many more options to us. Employees need not open any additional account because it can be carried out automatically every 20, to maintain their savings aside for them with no necessity to stress. In addition, it allows them to see, review or refuse their enrolment in Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Plan.

PostalEASE Contact Number

As mentioned above, Postal EASE could be accessed either via Liteblue Portal or phone. You need to call up in 877-477-3273 In the event you select contact.

It’s toll free number of the USPS HR section. At 1-800-877-8339, call for the ones who suffer from any hearing disorder or individuals.

Alternatively, the same can be achieved via portal site. Get and It’s possible to easily login into Liteblue Postal EASE services afterwards.

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If we can make contributions what more do we really want? PostalEASE has revolutionized the way dealings are made for allotment of Thrift Savings Plan. We hope you have got your doubts and this report should have informed you a lot about PostalEASE cleared seeing PostalEASE after readings . We expect that more and more businesses bring something like that up to assist its employees.

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